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What we eat and how we cook affects our health and the health of our planet. And as a saying goes, “all’s well that ends well”. That’s why we can say that a healthy and sustainable dessert is a good way to contribute to the achievement of the sustainable development goals, the world plan for the next 14 years.

Join our Recipes4Change’s 4th Challenge and send your recipes to change the world. Follow these tips on responsive consumption to achieve healthy and sustainable desserts:  

  • Save energy cooking desserts: when you cook without an excessive use of oven or microwave you can achieve delicious, tasty and digestive desserts and contribute to save energy. You can prepare desserts without long and high temperature baked ingredients or cook them with household appliance which ensure that foods retain their nutritional properties. So, we guarantee to preserve the most nutritional properties of foods and to save energy.
  • Choose organic and ecologic products to prepare your desserts. In this way, you can guarantee that only naturals processes are used in their production process, without harming the environment with the excessive use of artificial or altered products.
  • Avoid processed ingredients as much as possible, especially those with hydrogenated fats. Commitment to use much more seasonal ingredients for your healthy and sustainable dessert. Why don't you choose nutrients and vitamins that Nature gives us in each season of the year?
  • Reduce food waste and use leftovers to make tasty desserts. Planning ahead your weekly menu, you will buy better and cheap. With your imagination, you can make a good use of a leftover or prepare a tasty dessert with the fruits that will spoil soon. 

To participate just follow these steps:

  1. Take on the challenge. Every month, the Roca Brothers will use the SDG Fund social media accounts to launch a unique sustainable cooking challenge that will require you to come up with an innovative recipe idea.
  2. Cook it.  Prepare a recipe that offers a unique approach to food preparation. You can share your recipe via simple write up, video or with photos.
  3. Share it for good.  Get involved through:
  • Facebook: on SDGFund page, users must participate on challenge post comments
  • Instagram: publish your picture/video recipe using the hashtag #Recipe4Change
  • Twitter: using the hashtag #recipe4change tagging @SDGFund. Tell us what makes your recipe special in terms of sustainability.

Per each entry received, Ebro Foods will make a donation to SDG Fund's nutrition and food projects. This means your recipe will have a direct impact on the lives of people all over the world.

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