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The SDG Fund is operationally closed. This site is alive for knowledge and dissemination purposes.
Warning: This website is closed. Be aware of phishing or social engineering fraudulent requests of payments or certificates. Explore our programme areas.
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The SDG Fund doesn’t not only focus in impacting people with projects in the ground, it works to mobilize support around the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development and SDGs.

For the SDGs to be achieved, people and partners need to know and owned. This means, each of us needs to understand this set of global goals, why it is important for each of us and how we can make a contribute to achieve them.

While the SDG Fund partners with academic institutions and development partners in sharing and creating knowledge, it also believes it is important to reach beyond the traditional development community.

For that reason, in collaboration of public and private sector partners, the SDG Fund engages in social mobilization campaigns and initiatives. For example,

  • #recipe4change, a global contest for sustainable cooking. What we eat and how we cook affects our health and the health of our planet. “Food should not be a threat to sustainability, but a source of sustainable development,” according to the Roca Brothers, who have used this ideal as a key part of their mission to fight poverty as UNDP Goodwill Ambassadors to work with the SDG Fund. Given that one-third of the world greenhouse gas emissions emanate from agriculture, by adopting better practices linked to food production and consumption, everyone can impact their own health and that of the planet. People around the world have been submitting their recipes for change.
  • Music for sustainable development. The SDG Fund joined hands with Playing for Change, a multi-media initiative connecting musicians around the world, using music to promote SDGs. Below you can see some examples of collaboration: