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The SDG Fund works in 22 countries to pilot integrated approaches to sustainable development in 3 sectoral areas: inclusive economic growth for poverty eradication, food security and nutrition and water and sanitation. Equally important, all our programmes embed 3 cross-cutting issues: sustainability, gender equality and public-private partnerships. All these programmes were chosen through a selection process including the review by thematic and development independent experts.

Country Programme Title UN agencies Total programme budget % funded by SDG-F
occupied Palestinian territory Creating a one-stop-shop to create sustainable businesses on Inclusive Economic Growth. UN Women, FAO and ITC $3 million 50%
Peru Economic inclusion and sustainable development of Andean grain producers in Ayacucho and Puno ILO, FAO and UNESCO $3.8 million 39%
Sierra Leone Enabling sustainable livelihoods through improved natural resource governance and economic diversification in the Kono District UNDP and FAO $3 million 50%
Samoa Engaging Youth in Samoa in Organic Farming and Menus: A Farm to Table Value Chain Approach UNDP and IFAD $1 million 50%
Nigeria Food Africa: Empowering Youth and Promoting Innovative PPPs through More Efficient Agro-Food Value Chains in Nigeria FAO, ILO and ITC $2.5 million 21%
Guatemala Food and nutrition security of the department of San Marcos WHO, FAO, UNICEF and WFP $3.8 million 39%
El Salvador Food security and nutrition for children and Salvadoran households (SANNHOS) FAO, UNICEF, WHO and WFP $4.2 million 35%
Bolivia Improving the nutritional status of children via the strengthening of local production systems FAO, UNICEF and UNIDO $1.8 million 50%
Viet Nam Integrated nutrition and food security strategies for children and vulnerable Groups in Viet Nam FAO, UNICEF, WHO $3.33 million 45%
Ethiopia Joint Programme on gender equality and women empowerment - Rural women economic empowerment component UN Women, FAO, IFAD and WFP $3 million 50%
Côte d'Ivoire Joint Programme on poverty reduction in San Pedro region UNDP, FAO and UNICEF $3.3 million 44%
Tanzania Joint programme to support Tanzania’s productive social safety nets (PSSN) UNDP, ILO, UNICEF and UNFPA $4.36 million 34%
Mozambique More and better jobs in Cabo Delgado province and Nampula province - Harnessing the opportunities of the New Economy in Mozambique UNDP, UN Women, UNIDO and ILO $3 million 50%
Paraguay Paraguay protects, promotes and facilitates effective implementation of the right to food security and nutrition WHO, UNICEF, FAO and WFP $3 million 50%
Philippines PRO-WATER: Promoting water and sanitation access, integrity, empowerment, rights and resiliency UNDP, UNICEF and WHO $3.6 million 42%
Colombia Productive and food secure territories for a peaceful and resilient Cauca UNDP, UN Women, FAO and WFP $3.2 million 46%
Honduras Promotion of culture and tourism for local development in Ruta Lenca UNDP and UN Women $2.9 million 50%
Sri Lanka Scaling up nutrition through a multi-sector approach WFP, FAO and UNICEF $3 million 50%
Ecuador Strengthening local food systems and capacity building aimed at improving the production and access to safe food for families FAO, WFP, UNICEF and WHO $3 million 50%
Cuba Strengthening the resilience of families and vulnerable groups affected by drought in Santiago de Cuba UNDP, UNICEF, WFP $4,08 millon 36%
Bangladesh Strengthening women’s ability for productive new opportunities (SWAPNO) UNDP and ILO $4.6 million 33%
Fiji Youth in organic agriculture in Fiji UNDP and IFAD $2.54 million 39%
Vanuatu Youth in organic agriculture in Vanuatu UNDP and IFAD $2.54 million 39%