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Joint programme to support Tanzania’s productive social safety nets (PSSN)

Poverty in Tanzania

Tanzania has recorded economic growth of around 7% a year since 2001. Yet, the absolute number of people living in poverty has grown. 28.2% of mainland Tanzanians are poor, and poverty incidence is higher in rural than in urban areas.

The programme

This SDG Fund joint programme assists Tanzania to eradicate extreme poverty and hunger. It supports the scale-up of an existing national programme, Productive Social Safety Nets. The goal is to reach everyone living below the food poverty line. The programme is enabling these poor households to access food and income. It also seeks to improve use of essential health services by pregnant women and children under 5, and to increase school enrolment and attendance.

The approach

The programme focuses on finalizing and operationalizing the National Social Protection Framework to strengthen inter-sectoral coordination. It enhances efficiency and effectiveness by strengthening implementation and delivery systems. It also strengthens sustainable livelihoods and resilience mechanisms. These will allow beneficiaries to accumulate human capital, and improve consumption and well-being.

Interventions are happening in 22 project area authorities on the basis of the poverty mapping from the 2012 census. The criteria for selection is fully in line with targeting and creating opportunities for the poorest in Tanzania.

Target groups are extremely poor households (below the food poverty line). This includes women, children, youth, elderly, people living with disabilities and people living with HIV and AIDS.

Quick facts

Country: Tanzania
Total programme budget: $4.36 million
% funded by SDG-F: 34%
UN agencies: UNDP, ILO, UNICEF and UNFPA
National partners: Government ministries, Tanzania Social Action Fund, private sector and civil society organizations.
Duration: May 22, 2015 to September 21, 2017


Joint Point Programme Document - Tanzania

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Final Evaluation Joint Programme - Tanzania

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Final Narrative Report - Tanzania

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