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Rosse Mary Andia

Community leader Rosse Mary Andia was born in the state of Pocona, Cochabamba. One of twelve brothers, at age 16 she got married as a way to escape from the oppressive and sexist family home. After some hard years as in Europe, she returned to Pocona in 2011 with her husband and her three children with the determination to take back the reins of her life. She finished her studies and got involved with a local confederation of rural women, were she learned about politics and after a while, was elected to lead 24 local agricultural unions. “Last year we were approached by the SDG Fund programme in Bolivia. When they told us that 27% of the children in our town were malnourished, I got worried so we decide to support the iniciative”, says Rosse Mary. “We started by working in seven communities, and now everyone wants to participate”. The programme implemented leadership workshops as well as capacitation in agricultural production using organic fertilizers. Moreover, the program supported the union with 40% of the investment for a new food processing plant. “Thanks to this, we will be able to start producing vegetables and greens that we will sell at the local school breakfasts,” says Rosse Mary with a smile. “We are happy with the results and our children are eating healthier. I think we're moving forward”.