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Paul Ngabba Saquee V

Kono District in eastern Sierra Leone has the most productive mineral sector in the country, but revenue was not being invested in local development or in creating jobs. Mining was degrading the environment and local livelihood sources. The district was significantly affected by the 10 years of conflict and in 2013 Ebola’s outbreak made a dent in the region´s prospects. But community members, supported through an SDG Fund project, have succeeded in creating an agreement so that mining can benefit the communities. Months of conversations led to this milestone, despite community challenges in conducting dialogue with corporate counterparts. The programme trained civil society organizations, NGOs, local councils, traditional local authorities, government and private sector, together with local media in how to conduct the dialogue. Paramount Chief Paul Ngabba Saquee V recognized that “this community-company arrangement brings high hopes as it will help to reduce the blame paramount chiefs receive in the communities for taking communities’ money, and for not being transparent or accountable.”