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Nancy, a single mother who lives with her grandmother, mother, sister and nephews in the town of Zuleta, smiles when she is asked about the “1,000 Days”, a project launched in the rural municipality of Imbabura within the framework of the SDG Fund joint program for food and child nutrition in Ecuador. "The 1,000 Days means being able to eat different things than we eat every day and for our babies to grow healthier." She is just one of the 350 beneficiaries that are given a monthly basket of foods that complement the necessary nutrients for their families. The delivery of these baskets was linked to associations of small local producers who distribute the products to the mothers during the monthly training in health, hygiene, and food and nutritional security. To receive assistance, mothers and babies attend monthly check-ups at local health centers. "Now my children eat more vegetables, we eat better and we feel better too. The support of the program has been a relief in my life since I can now put healthy food on my table," says Nancy.