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Fatin Anani

In a time where only 5% of the workforce in Palestine is employed in women-owned enterprises, the SDG Fund Joint Program provided the skills needed to educate women on bringing their products to market. The program helped women bring these products to a commercial market and ensure they are ready for export, suported local production and established incentives for women’s cooperatives. A large part of the program’s was to help foster the growth of local business associations. For Fatin Anani, a local entrepreneur, she discovered the collective power of working with an association: “It used to be that each of us had our own separate businesses. Now, we have established an alliance for our businesses, which makes us more powerful. We can now make decisions for ourselves and our products. The empowerment from this kind of an association is a form of liberty. We hope to share this feeling with other women and continue to support fair trade products which are produced by women only enterprises.”