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David Israel

David Israel, a 19-year-old from the province of Kaduna, Nigeria, is well aware of the difficulties many farmers face in West Africa. He sees his neighbors’ plots under the constant threat of the “Tuta absoluta”, a moth capable of ruining entire productions of tomatoes. He has also seen how the price of tomatoes is decreasing to the point where many producers end up abandoning their productions on the roadside. So when David knew that the SDG Fund’s Food Africa project was going to implement training courses on organic agriculture, he was so insisting in attending despite not being initially selected in the list of beneficiaries. With no financial support other than his own savings, David joined and was one of the enthusiastic participants of the trainings on value addition, market linkages and food safety and quality. Not only that, he was one of the most satisfied with the outcomes. David says he plans to study Agricultural Engineering at the University of the Kaduna were he would complete his education and, one day, be a successful local producer of maize, beans, guinea corn, cashew and palm oil.