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Chamaléa Thi Cuc

In the rural province of Ninh Thuan, parents, caregivers and farmers received information and training on nutrition, child care and household food security thanks to the SDG Fund program. One of them is Chamaléa Thi Cuc, a resident of Phuoc Thanh who benefited from these lessons. “After attending the project's technical training and participating in chicken raising, vegetable and maize models, as well as nutritional parent club,” says Chamaléa. “I learned how to raise chickens and grow maize with high productivity. The maize yield tripled and I have additional income to buy more nutritious food for family use. I also learned to prepare nutritious foods for children and pregnant women". The capacity building activities also include training in essential health care, nutrition, water and sanitation and household crop, livestock and aquaculture production. The application of these lessons allowed beneficiaries like Chamaléa to significantly reduce their child malnutrition rates, from 62% at the beginning of the program to 43% just two years later.