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October 25, 2018
Producer and local leader in El Salvador: Dora Alicia Pineda

Las Vueltas is a small rural municipality between valleys and mountains, located in the department of Chalatenango, in the North of El Salvador. In this remote environment, an incipient movement of women entrepreneurs supported by a joint program of the UN Sustainable Development Goals Fund (SDG Fund) is making a differential change in the fight against child malnutrition and the development of family livelihoods.

"We are ten women who are added to the project to supplement the diet of families and to combat the malnutrition of children," explains Dora Alicia Pineda Mejía, producer of birds and participant of the program 'family demonstrator'. "I think the work with the new chicken incubator is excellent because it benefits all the women who are working in this group."

Pineda, as one of the first female heads of household who participated in the training courses of the SDG Fund program in 2015, has become a reference for the women's group, mainly in relation to the administration of resources to grow his business, like the micro-entrepreneurship of birds he runs. Likewise, Dora Alicia has been involved in activities to strengthen the capacities of women in Las Vueltas: such as training in Food and Nutritional Security; food manipulator courses; public purchases and school feeding; preparation of healthy recipes for school menus; demonstrator family; gender; technical training in bird management and incubators and exchanges of productive experiences.

Pineda's leadership has also led her to participate actively in decision-making bodies in her municipality, such as the Municipal Committee for Food and Nutritional Security (COMUSAN), school purchasing and feeding committee, demonstration family, women's association and committee. of the Tamulasco River. In a short time, Dora Alicia Pineda has become an example of female business success in Las Vueltas.

Políticas locales de género

The prioritization in the application of policies and actions aimed at favoring women, who have historically suffered discrimination in the area, allows improving their living conditions, individual and family, as demonstrated by the group of women who, together with Dora Alicia Pineda, participate in in the initiative of birds. These entrepreneurs diversify the sources of income in their homes; It allows them access to a protein source of high biological value in their diet and thus promote growth and development in their children.

The mainstreaming of the gender approach in the SDG Fund program was worked in close collaboration and support from the local institutions, with the local Gender Units, coordinating the work of identifying women leaders to participate in productive activities.

The local government of the municipality of Las Vueltas has redoubled efforts for the participation of women in decision-making, including the gender approach in its governance instruments, such as SAN municipal Plan, strategic development plan, gender policy and ordinance SAN, all harmonized with the programs promoted by the Government of El Salvador.