Creative Industries
and Sustainable Development

The creative economy is not only one of the most rapidly growing sectors of the world economy, it is also a highly transformative one in terms of income generation, job creation and export earnings.

Cultural and creative industries are major drivers of economies by capitalizing US $2,250 billion and creating 29.5 million jobs globally. In addition to economic benefits, the cultural and creative industries also generate merit to people-centered value, sustainable urban development, development of creativity and culture, and contribute to the achievement of 2030 Agenda. 

At the same time, creativity and culture also have a significant non-monetary value that contributes to inclusive social development, to dialogue and understanding between peoples. Culture is both a driver and an enabler of human and sustainable development. It empowers people to take ownership of their own development, and stimulates the innovation and creativity which can drive inclusive and sustainable growth.

In this line, since January, the SDG Fund has started a series of initiatives to bring creative industries leaders at the forefront of sustainable development. Led by AD Group’s Chairman, Alberto Díez, through a pro-bono partnership and as SDG-F Global Advisor for Creative Industries and Sustainable Development, the SDG Fund is starting new alliances to deepen creative industries engagement in achieving SDGs through new and innovative approaches to SDGs.


Master chefs Roca brothers appointed Goodwill Ambassadors
to advance food security and sustainable development

Internationally acclaimed chefs Joan, Josep and Jordi Roca have been working closely with the SDG Fund since January, 2016, when they were appointed in January as UNDP Goodwill Ambassadors at the very start of the SDG era. The Roca brothers are generating support for the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), agreed by world leaders to achieve a future by 2030 where hunger, unemployment, inequality, and climate change are a thing of the past. Read more.

The Goodwill Ambassadors the Roca Brothers are leading a conversation on how chefs can make a difference in reaching the Sustainable Development Goals. At the UN ECOSOC Chamber they gathered with key representatives of the food, nutrition, and development world to discuss how the food industry can contribute to achieve SDGs and make food accessible for everyone everywhere. In Thailand, Joan Roca, while visiting social an environmental projects, in a video interview affirmed that chefs need to be aware of what we cook and why and how we cook. And in an Op-Ed published by El Pais they defended that as the poet Josep Plan put it: “We are what we eat¨.  Watch conversation

In 2016 they launched a sustainable cooking contest, #recipe4change, to motivate people around the world to reflect how the way each of us eat and cook affects our planet and the SDGs.

They are also working with the SDG Fund, UN Agencies, private sector and the Nigerian government in an innovative partnership, Food Africa, to reduce food waste and create new job opportunities in Kaduna, in the North of Nigeria.

Interview to UNDP Goodwill Ambassador Joan Roca


Pritzker Architecture Prize 2016, at the UN in New York

Every year, the Pritzker Prize, considered the ¨Nobel of Architecture¨, holds its award ceremony at a culturally significant venue. This year, and hosted by the Sustainable Development Goals Fund, the words of Alejandro Aravena of Chile, Priktzer Laureate 2016, resonated at the UN headquarters in New York last April 4. His built work “gives economic opportunity to the less privileged, mitigates the effects of natural disasters, reduces energy consumption, and provides welcoming public space. Innovative and inspiring, he shows how architecture at its best can improve people’s lives”, said Tom Pritzker, Chairman and President of The Hyatt Foundation which sponsors the prize. In a video message, UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon praised Alejandro Aravena’s work for making cities safer and more inclusive. Watch Alejandro Aravena’s speech

Pritzker Laureate Alejandro Aravena Ceremony Speech at the UN headquarters


Promoting diversity and gender equality in the music industry
with Berklee College of Music

The music industry is a powerful agent of social change. It can reach millions of people, raising awareness of social, economic and environmental challenges at the core of SDGs. Berklee College is a global leader in music education and together with the SDG Fund to contribute in shaping a future of a more equal and balanced music industry. Watch here the debate “Shifting the Conversation: Towards Balance in Music to achieve gender equality in the industry”.

Digital Education

By promoting digital education, in collaboration with the ProFuturo project the SDG Fund is convening partnerships between UN Agencies, governments and the telecommunications industry to better use information technologies to advance SDG4. Affordable, reliable and context-sensitive digital education, can promote equal opportunities for girls and boys and reduce inequalities by ensuring every child has access to high quality content. Digital education technologies improves fundamental skills such as collaboration, problem solving and global awareness. It can easily connect boys and girls from different parts of the world with the possibility of sharing their content with peers living kilometres away. Equally important, learning technology can open future job opportunities.

Watch dialogue "New Partnerships for Digital Education"