With a wide experience in development programmes across the world, the Sustainable Development Goals Fund has developed different instruments and tools to share knowledge and insight that can be used by other development partners. 



Business and the United Nations


From Global Agenda To National Action


Advancing gender equality: promising practices. Experiences from the MDG Fund


Strengthening social justice to address intersecting inequalities

What’s new?

Penn Law partners with the SDG Fund

The University of Pennsylvania Law School and the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals Fund have established an agreement to strengthen cooperation and enhance the effectiveness of global development efforts.

Setting a sustainable table

Joan, Josep and Jordi Roca, UNDP Goodwill Ambassadors for the SDG Fund. Food has always been a central part of our lives. We grew up in our parents’ restaurant and realized early on that the way people experience food – especially how they cook food and preserve culinary traditions – has a direct impact on the fundamental areas of life.

Nutrition, income, and gender equality in a legume: the use of Andean lupin (chocho) in Ecuador

During the last few years, Ecuador has researched the properties of Andean Lupin, or “chocho”, and has dedicated part of the national nutrition policies to the conscious expansion of the cultivation toward its great potential for improving the health and the nutritional status of marginalized populations.

15i Dialogues

Dialogues 15i. Ideas for a Sustainable World Beyond 2015 is an open debate platform through which the best ideas and experiences from specialists, professionals, activists, entrepreneurs and academics around the world are gathered, shared and active conversations surrounding these ideas can be sparked. 15i will be organized in the form of a set of interactive dialogues.

Knowledge Management

With a vast experience of almost 150 joint programmes around the world, the SDG Fund’s knowledge management efforts aim at collecting and disseminating insight for development partners worldwide.