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With a wide experience in development programmes across the world, the Sustainable Development Goals Fund has developed different instruments and tools to share knowledge and insight that can be used by other development partners.


The Gender of Law: What the Mapping of Family Laws Reveals

Recent developments around the world give support to the idea of the #MeToo movement’s transformative potential. A postmodernist claim was that the feminist movement was essentialist and that no one expression of feminism can be applicable to women of different ethnicity, cultural, or class identity. The #Me Too movement has found expression in different cultural traditions and helped to challenge this theory.

Organic agriculture improves nutrition and reduces female poverty in rural El Salvador

Ana Reina Salvador is one of the hundreds of women heads of households who have participated in the SDG Fund's "SANNHOS" program, organizing her own family garden to cover her nutritional needs and producing healthy and nutritious food for their community.