Conversation with Pritzker Architecture Prize Laureates

What is the role of architecture in contemporary society? Pritzker Architecture Prize laureate for 2016, Alejandro Aravena and previous laureates, including Glenn Murcutt, Renzo Piano, Richard Rogers, Wang Shu, Thom Mayne and Christian de Portzamparc discussed what contribution architects may make to address the challenges of sustainable development.

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Joining efforts for sustainable development

The SDG Fund is an international cooperation mechanism that supports sustainable development. It facilitates UN agencies to collaborate with national partners to build integrated and sustainable responses to development challenges. It brings the MDG experience to the transition process from MDGs to SDGs.

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Business and the United Nations

The Sustainable Development Goals Fund at UNDP is pleased to present the new report “Business and the United Nations. Working together towards the Sustainable Development Goals: A Framework for Action” produced by the SDG Fund’s Private Advisory Group in collaboration with Harvard Kennedy School and Business Fights Poverty.

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Master chefs Roca brothers are appointed UNDP Goodwill Ambassadors to work with the SDG fund

The internationally acclaimed chefs, Joan, Jordi and Josep Roca have joined UNDP to help promote and suspport the Sustainable Development Goals by advocating for food production practices that increase access to nutritious food, protect the environment and create more jobs.

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SDG Fund Private Sector Advisory Group

The SDG-F Private Sector Advisory Group seeks to provide the SDG-F Secretariat with guidance and strategic support to achieve better development results in coordination with the private sector.

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What we do: thematic areas

We work in 3 thematic areas addressing some of the most important gaps in achieving sustainable development. Equally important, all our programmes embed 3 cross-cutting issues.

Areas of work

Inclusive economic growth for poverty eradication

Creating decent jobs, secure livelihoods and promoting inclusive sustainable practices.

Food security and nutrition

Reducing hunger and malnutrition with integrated approaches.

Water and sanitation

Improving access to affordable, secure, and reliable water and sanitation services for the poor and marginalized.

Crosscutting issues


Embedding sustainable principles in all our projects and ensuring long-term development gains.

Gender equality

Understanding how women and men, girls and boys, are affected by poverty.

Public private partnerships

Joining efforts and sharing responsibilities of governments and business to achieve sustainable development.

How we work

There are 4 principles that make our programmes unique:


Poverty is multidimensional and requires multi-faceted, integrated and holistic approaches.

National ownership

Development cooperation needs to be people-centric and responsive to national priorities. SDG Fund governance mechanisms ensure the full participation of national government and partners.

UN agencies coordination

UN agencies, working as one with the critical support of the UN Resident Coordinators, coordinate their efforts and align their experience to deliver concrete results.

Bridging multistakeholder efforts

The SDG Fund bridges efforts of different development partners such as UN agencies, national and local governments, the private sector, civil society and academia.

What’s new?

Getting the Architecture Right: attracting business expertise and action for sustainable development on the road to 2030

Governments and stakeholders have spent the first months of 2016 discussing the implementation of the new 2030 Sustainable Development Agenda and its 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), including how the UN will support the agenda as an institution and will monitor and review progress towards 2030.

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Alejandro Aravena on sustainable development: Cities are a shortcut towards equality

The day after receiving the 2016 Pritzker Laureate at the United Nations, Alejandro Aravena discussed with the SDG Fund how the work of architects and development funds like the SDG Fund is complementary in reaching sustainable cities and communities (Sustainable Development Goal 11).

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The Need for Public-Private Cooperation in the 2030 Agenda

Ambassador Maria Emma Mejia, Permanent Representative of Colombia to the UN, highlights the success of the SDG in bringing everyone to the table: "Governments together with civil society, the business sector and Global Compact working hard to bring together positions that at first seemed impossible to reconcile. The sustainable development agenda is, for the first time, a universal agenda, an agenda of great transformation and of inclusiveness."

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SDG Fund Private Sector Advisory Group

Businesses are playing an integral role in achieving sustainable development on the ground. To better align public-private partnerships for sustainable development, the SDG Fund has established a Private Sector Advisory Group, formed by business leaders of major companies from various industries worldwide. These leaders are helping the SDG Fund to build a roadmap for how public-private alliances can provide large-scale solutions for achieving the new SDGs.